A Hafsa-Squared Project

When life gets really busy, you know what creatives do? Yes, we think of a new project! Even fun, when it's with your virtual best friend. Since we are both Hafsa's, we call this our Hafsa-Squared project.

We met virtually to brainstorm ideas, chit chat and talk about life. And oh, sometimes this project too :)

Sweet, classy and oh so fluffy! These onesie and tutu sets are sure to make for beautiful and memorable pictures for your baby's first Eid. Our tutus are made with 100% nylon, high quality, fluffy tulle and are made super full for extra cuteness with a soft elastic band. Each tutu is hand tied with double knots to make sure it's secure.

Cotton Candy Pink and White Set

Sunshine Grey and White Set

Ready to Party Lavender and Mint Set

Peacock Blue and Green Set

Pure as snow White on White Set.

Every one of the sets is handmade with love and care. So we made a conscious decision to offer ONE in each size. So you will have a one of a kind gift for a special baby girl